How To Find The Fastest WordPress Hosting

If you are looking for a WordPress host, Kinsta could be the ideal choice for you. Kinsta is a highly specialized WordPress hosting provider with a range of fully managed, enterprise-grade plans. Its cloud-based WordPress hosting is powered by Google Cloud, which has been designed for high performance and reliability. Google’s blogging platform is extremely easy to work with, allowing even the novice to create, publish and deploy an impressive number of web applications. This powerful tool can help make Kinsta a viable option for businesses that need WordPress hosting on a large scale, but do not have the budget for it.

fastest wordpress hosting

The reason that Kinsta’s WordPress hosting services are able to offer some of the fastest page load times is because they use a highly optimized platform within Google’s Cloud architecture. The WordPress program uses a complex combination of plugins and themes to extend its capabilities. All of this requires plenty of memory and processing power. The problem is that many of these features drain a server’s resources quickly. Kinsta uses a custom developed software solution called Xbench to make sure that it delivers the fastest WordPress hosting possible. It does so by evaluating the speed of every aspect of the program while scaling up and down as needed.

The major downside to using Kinsta’s cloud infrastructure is that it does not have the capacity to add new server locations. It can only manage the servers at the present one are running. This means that if you want to add a second site, the loading time for the first will be affected. While Kinsta’s fastest WordPress hosting gives website owners immediate access to their new sites, it’s important to understand that this feature will temporarily cease working.

A second limitation of Kinsta’s fastest WordPress hosting solution is the site ground breaking Xbench application that it uses to evaluate site performance. Xbench is one of the more advanced tools available for examining site speeds and loading times. However, it is also the most resource intensive. As a result, it tends to eat up a server’s processing power rather quickly. Although it is an indispensable tool for site monitoring and optimizing, the amount of time it eats up the processor is not something that can always be compensated for with increased server space.

There are other options for fast WordPress hosting. Many hosting companies allow site owners to install Xbench within their control panel, which allows for a one-click installation. In addition, many hosting companies offer a limited number of templates and themes, which may require an extra step in the form of downloading and installing additional plug-ins. A dedicated Kinsta server is not equipped to support these extra functions.

Xbench and other performance measuring applications are useful tools for site evaluation and optimization. However, the cost associated with getting started can often discourage most entrepreneurs from investing in such an expensive process. Fortunately, there is good news. WordPress business hosting comes in a variety of options that are priced competitively. In fact, some businesses have reported saving as much as 90% of the initial investment by going with the cheapest option. In addition, some of these services are supported by a one-click installation process.

In order to find the fastest WordPress hosting, one must first determine what their monthly cost would be if they went with a premium option. Although it is faster to install, the cost of running it is typically more than three times the cost of hosting a basic WordPress site. The fastest service offers the ability to upgrade at a reduced rate. For a small monthly fee, the business owner may be able to upgrade to a much faster server and get the fastest possible time.

In addition to upgrading server speeds, the fastest WordPress hosting also offers support for highly anticipated new software releases. Some popular themes require updates to occur on a regular basis. When a new version comes out, WordPress users are often confused about where to find the update. Instead of waiting for the website to go live, the flywheel has been turned. WordPress automatically detects the latest versions and automatically downloads and installs them, speeding up loading times and adding a professional look and feel to the website.