Hosts With WordPress – What You Should Know Before Choosing a Host

Hosts WordPress have a unique advantage over other blogging platforms, it is based on a free open source content management system and runs on PHP platform. There are many benefits that an individual can get from hosting WordPress theme. First of all, you do not need to purchase any web server and all your servers are located in the USA. There are no huge costs involved and it is very easy to find a good hosting company that offers cheap web hosting plans. Another good thing with hosts WordPress is that you can modify or add content to your site easily without paying any fees.

There are many different types of Hosts WordPress such as a basic plan, medium plan, and VIP plans. If you are just starting your blog or website, then there is no point in choosing a basic plan. This plan provides you with 4 domain names and limited resources. You can add more domains later if you need.

A few good points about this type of Hosts WordPress is that there is no need for a technical support staff and usually everything is installed and configured automatically after you login to your account. The downside is that there is no free domain name. Also there is no backup or money-back guarantee. The only thing you can do in case of bad installation or security is cancel your membership.

Another benefit of hosts WordPress is that you can install all the required plug-ins within minutes and you don’t need to write any code. WordPress has its own built-in plug-in engine called All-in-One-SEO, which is very useful for generating search engine optimized content for your blog or website. The other good thing about WordPress is that you can create a staging environment in which your site will get a fresh start. There is also a free version of WordPress known as WordPress-lite which is also good for a testing platform. But WordPress-lite lacks the reliability and the pre-installed features of a commercial version and you have to buy it separately.

Hosts with WordPress are preferred by many small businesses because it comes with an inbuilt plug-in called All-in-One-SEO which is very useful for generating search engine friendly content for your blog or website. It also provides you with a professional-looking dashboard, which makes it easier for you to manage your blogs. It has an excellent plug-in architecture that includes built-in SEO, image thumbnails, breadcrumbs, comments, permalinks, sitemaps and all important statistics. WordPress also offers you an easy to use interface for creating and editing your themes and plug-ins. There is a free version of WordPress known as WordPress Lite which offers limited functionality.

hosts with WordPress come with a complete set of customer support tools and features such as a knowledge base, help forums and an online community for bloggers and marketers. Support is very quick and even their basic customer support services are of very high quality. WordPress also provides you with unlimited download of WordPress templates and themes that enable you to customize your website according to your needs. Their monthly service plans also come with unlimited customizations such as email forwarding, loading of Google Maps, unlimited WordPress themes and plug-ins, unlimited blog improvements, RSS Feed plug-in and statistics, blog sites, photo galleries and more.

Hosts with WordPress offers various ways of providing secure hosting. You can choose to use SSL for all your site’s email accounts, even for the shopping cart or for payment processing. Your website will undergo verification through a cross-site browser security and authentication facility. WordPress offers the best security options such as Inmotion WordPress Security, All in one SEO pack, Advanced SSL & XSS protection, Cpanel & Plesk Insights and more.

Hosts with WordPress come with generous disk space and bandwidth to facilitate your online presence. The number of web pages loaded per hour is determined according to your plan comes with an Inmotion WordPress Disk Space Plan. The number of blog posts, you can have is also unlimited. You can get unlimited emails with Inmotion Email accounts. When it comes to its pricing, hosts with WordPress offers a reasonable and affordable fee with different monthly plans such as the Business plan which has unlimited domains, an unlimited WordPress blog and unlimited Inmotion Storage.